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Janiak Wedding
Photos taken for my brother's wedding.
Demo Reel
This demo reel showcases some of the highest quality work produced by video producer Isaiah Janiak
Cinematography, Directing, Visual Effects
Mothers Day 2019
Family photography done on Mother's Day 2019
"The Box" - Short Film
A short film about a mysterious box...and the evil that lurks within.
Cinematography, Directing, Motion Graphics
Time Lapse: Skyshoot
A behind the scenes look, detailing the experience of Hennepin Technical College students doing a timelapse shoot, and looking into how this kind of video can be created.
Cinematography, Film, Visual Effects
Kinetic Typography
A quick video showcasing Kinetic Typography using one of the best quotes from one of the all time greatest horror / comedy movies using nothing but Adobe After Effects.
Film, Motion Graphics, Typography
Track & Jib - Canon T4i project
A great short video using nothing but shots created with a jib arm and glide track. We used a Canon EOS Rebel T4i for shooting this footage with a 50mm lens.
Cinematography, Directing, Film
Hennepin Tech CAD Program
This video is a promotional piece created for the Engineering CAD program at Hennepin Technical College. It showcases what the program has to offer for students interested in a career in that field of work.
Advertising, Directing, Film
Timelapse - GoPro Hero3
This small project was used to test out the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition to see how a time Lapse would turn out. It was set to take a picture at every 3 seconds. The camera was also placed on a rotating disc to give it some nice movement.
Cinematography, Film
Nature Project - Canon T4i Footage
A video showing the beauty of nature. Extra care was taken to make sure that no man made objects were shown in the footage. This was created with a Canon Rebel T4i, and a 50mm lens.
Cinematography, Directing, Film
From Wasioja To Washington Credits
This is the end credits to the feature length documentary "From Wasioja to Washington." This was created using still photos and giving subtle movement to them to create a unique effect.
Film, Motion Graphics
Civil War Days - VIP Party
This is a piece put together from a lot of footage that was taken at a VIP dinner party during the Wasioja Civil War Days celebration for the documentary about that weekend's festivities
Cinematography, Film, Retouching
Shatterball IV: A Grindhouse Trailer
A former cop is out for revenge against those who took everything from him. This is a fake trailer in the vein of the classic grindhouse movies of the 70's. This was shot on a Canon T3i and edited using the Adobe Production Premium CS5.5
Cinematography, Film, Visual Effects
Photography / Graphic Design
A look into photography and graphic design work done by Isaiah Janiak
Digital Photography, Graphic Design, Photography
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